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Trail running




Mountain trail runners will be spoilt for choice in Cortina, being able to choose their favourite training course  among the numberless trails of varied lengths and difficulties across the awe-inspiring Dolomite massifs. Paths running  through forests, along  ridges, by lakes and torrents abound in the valley. Cortina Skiworld Lift facilities make it even easier to reach higher elevations and train along the routes of the classic trail competitions. 



Lift &Run – Valley Itinerary

From Cortina centre, take the Faloria cable car to the top. Before starting your run, take your time to marvel at the sight of the expansive views of the Ampezzo valley below and the superb massifs above: the Tofane group, Mt Pomagagnon, and Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Start running downhill on the Dolomieu trail No. 212. This scenic trail develops along 4 km paths down to Rio Gere, where runners can take the Cristallo chairlift. From the top station, run down Val Padeon all along its length to Cimabanche, turn left into the path returning to Cortina and keep running as far as the Ice Arena. From the arena, take the Freccia nel Cielo cable car to Col Druscié and then descend towards Pié Tofana as far as the Duca d’Aosta chairlift station which will take runners to the namesake mountain guesthouse. The running track continues downhill along the Tofanina ski run towards the Cortina Skyline gondola station, the brand new lift connecting the Tofane area to Bai de Dones. Once there, take the 5 Torri chairlift to Rifugio Scoiattoli and explore, while running of course, the war trenches of World War 1. Then take the Cortina Skyline gondola in the opposite direction to Son dei Prade. Run past Pocol and return towards the centre of Cortina.