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Activities for Families

This summer Cortina, San Vito di Cadore, Auronzo and Misurina are the ideal holiday destination for families. Thanks to spectacular mountains, pristine environment, fresh clean air, and vast open spaces.

Hiking or mtb riding to discover the natural wonders, enjoying adventure parks, exploring the WW1 sites and much more: something new and exciting every day!

To get to the mountain tops, take advantage of the bike-accessible lifts, managed by Consorzio Impianti a Fune, thanks to the Cortina Vertical Pass, an extremely flexible solution.

Faloria-Cristallo. Cliffhanger Lodge and the Naturalistic Trail

The historical Faloria cable car, an attraction itself, takes little ones and families from the centre of Cortina d’Ampezzo up to the 2120 m of Rifugio Faloria in a few minutes.

From the top a nice short walk, mostly level, will intrigue hikers for its unique views of the valley below and the surrounding peaks. But that’s not all. Movie lovers will be amazed to discover that in 1993 the old cable-car station was chosen  as the set of “Cliffhanger” , the action-adventure movie starring Silvester Stallone.
This leisurely walk  in a wonderful natural environment, with no hazards whatsoever,  is perfect for families.


At Socrepes in the Tofane area: Playground and Baby Ranch in the Dolomites


The whole Tofane area is well served by chairlifts. The ISTA Company aims to take care  of  family needs by giving   great attention to children and their interaction with nature, without forgetting all the fun and the educational aspects provided by the environment.

The Playground, a gem  immersed in the meadows of the Tofane area, offers panoramic views over the queen of the Dolomites. The park features swings and slides, a spring course to test kids’ balance, a giant wooden marbles run, and the new “Pista Tubby” , an exciting activity for kids and adults alike.

Not to miss, the Baby Ranch Dolomiti and the Baby Farm where kids can learn how to respect animals, about their habitat and even how to ride little ponies or  shires, the biggest horses in the world.

Lagazuoi - 5 Torri - Giau Area: Having Fun in the Dolomites among Museums and Nature

The Lagazuoi - 5 Torri - Passo Giau (Cortina Delicious) area has been a silent witness of history. The area still keeps several precious pieces of evidence brought back to life thanks to an amazing conservative restoration project, aiming to promote their educational value. The largest Open Air Museum of the Great War is accessible to everyone, even to wheelchair users, thanks to lift facilities.

For an exciting adventure, wear your helmet and a headlamp and visit the WW1 museums. Young explorers will be happy to discover  and learn about important history facts. 

Alongside itineraries of historical interest, there are several opportunities to explore geological and naturalistic highlights in one of the most enchanting areas of the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites.


Fun Bob and Adventure Park: Auronzo, Family Heaven


Auronzo di Cadore is the ideal destination for family-friendly holidays. The longest Fun Bob rail in Europe boasts a 3 -km long track and is the most appreciated and enjoyed summer attraction in the Mt Agudo area

Ride the chairlift up to the start of the track.  Take the bobsled, push the lever forward and let the fun begin. The track features straight stretches, hairpins, and spectacular parabolic curves down slopes that in winter become ski runs. 

Close to the lifts, there is the Tre Cime Adventure Park: a masterly constructed aerial park, featuring five courses of different heights and difficulties, to please adventurous visitors of any age. Little ones ( 3-5 years old) can have fun playing  on the easy course dedicated to young kids

The Col Drusciè Astro Ring

In just a few minutes, the new Freccia Nel Cielo gondola takes you from Cortina centre up to the  “Helmut Ullrich” Astronomical Observatory at col Drusciè.

The educational- naturalistic Col Druciè Astro Ring tour develops along two themed itineraries,  “Sentiero dei Pianeti” and “Sentiero dell'Universo”, winding through the hill’s enchanting forest.
The first one is about the Solar System with dedicated panels explaining its features and the planets’ positions, while the latter illustrates features of the main stars and galaxies and the history of the universe.

Col Druciè also hosts important exhibitions, like the one about the history of alpinism .