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The bike-accessible chairlifts and cable cars allow cyclists to avoid the most demanding elevation gains and easily reach the starting point of various itineraries. Thanks to Cortina Skiworld lift facilities, trails and single-track trails can be experienced surrounded by the stunning wilderness of the Dolomites. Enjoying the first lights of dawn on the Tofane summit, lying on the meadows at the foot of 5 Torri, or getting your fill of energy and wellbeing on Mt Faloria are more accessible than ever.

The rich offer of trails of different grading for MTB and e-bike lovers of all abilities is complemented by the Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti. The Park was completely redesigned last summer with the addition of 14-km of new routes, where the most adventurous ones can experience some thrilling downhill riding.  Bikes and protective gear can be rented on spot.





Discovering Cortina by Mountain-bike

Cycling in Cortina is not only an enjoyable activity itself, but it opens up a wide range of exciting opportunities, such as:  discovering the mountains, approaching the start of a via ferrata route, or merely “earning the right” to enjoy a well deserved casunziei dish (local ravioli). Yet, before attempting a thrilling downhill ride, there is always a demanding climb. Here’s when Cortina Skiworld lifts come to your help as invaluable allies in avoiding some ascents to save energy and time in order to enjoy the greatest views. The route described below is an example.

From Cortina city centre, reach the Faloria cable car station, load your bike, and ride up to the top. Stunning views unfold all around on the Ampezzo valley below, as a generous reward for your early wake. And it is only 9 am! After a well deserved coffee, get ready for the descent from Rifugio Faloria, partly down the ski run and partly along a fun trail. At Rio Gere, cross the road leading to Passo Tre Croci and take the chairlift up to Son Forca, at the foot of Mt Cristallo. Now it’s time to enjoy a long descent as far as Ospitale where the dirt road joins the Cortina-Dobbiaco bike path. Turn left into the path and keep riding as far as the intersection with the road leading to Verocai. Turn right, downhill, cross the state road and continue downhill along via Marangoi. You end up just in front of the Ice Arena, the iconic symbol of the legendary 1956 Winter Olympics, where the official opening ceremony was held. Just behind the Arena, the Freccia nel Cielo cable car stands out in all its grandeur. In 2019, the first section of the old cable car was replaced by an efficient,  state-of-the-art gondola. A few minute ride will take cyclists - and their bikes - up to Col Druscié where the Masi Wine Bar, a fine food and wine excellence, is a must stop. Climb back on the saddle and get ready for an all in one breath ride down to Pié Tofana. Again, take the chairlift up to Rifugio Duca D’Aosta to then speed down the Tofanina ski run. Ride past Malghe di Fedarola as far as the intersection with the state road leading to Passo Falzarego. Turn right on the paved road and pedal uphill for about 2 kilometres as far as Bai de Dones. Once more, embark your bike on the chairlift up to Rifugio Scoiattoli, at the foot of 5 Torri. From the top, enjoy the breathtaking views all around and get some rest or take a short walk through the historical trenches of the World War 1 open air Museum. Get back on your bike - in case of need an e-bike charging station is available -and ride past Rifugio 5 Torri down to Cianzopé. After a short stretch along the paved state road, take the road leading to Pezié de Parù. Cross the road leading to Passo Giau and  take the dirt road/track to Lago d’Ajal to end up in  Mortisa, the village just above Cortina. Follow the directions to Cortina center and there you are!



Mountain Biking on the Faloria-Cristallo Area

Are you ready for new challenges? Take your bike on the bike-accessible Faloria cable car and Rio-Gere Son Forca quad chairlift and discover the great variety of trails of different lengths and difficulties winding down the slopes of Mt Faloria and Mt Cristallo.
The Mietres Freeride Bike trail starts from  the Faloria cable car top station and runs downhill as far as Rio Gere, then continues along the main road to Passo Tre Croci towards Brite de Larieto farm restaurant  to end up at Mietres.
The Cortina-Faloria-Cristallo loop, another extraordinary itinerary starting from Mt Faloria is a 21 km of pure downhill adrenaline. Once you reach Rio Gere, take the chairlift up to Son Forca and ride down scenic Val Padeon until you join the Dolomiti Bike trail to return to Cortina.



Mountain Biking on the Tofane Area with the Freccia nel Cielo Lifts.

Mtb enthusiasts can easily reach Col Drusciè by taking the brand-new Cortina-Col Druscié gondola and then descend along  the dirt road toward Pié Tofana to join CAI trail No. 410 to Passo Posporcora. Alternatively, you can take the Pié Tofana chairlift up to Pomedes.

If you feel like, from Col Druscié, you may ride down the meadows along the winter ski runs to join the road to Lake Ghedina and then return to Cortina across  Socrepes ski area or continue as far as Fiames and further on to Pian de Ra Spines.



5 Torri - Giau: Riding Through History and Nature

The 5 torri area is very famous in the Dolomites and  highly popular with hikers and mtb lovers alike. The wonderful mountainscape, one of the most beautiful in the Dolomites can’t but amaze mountain lovers while climbing up or venturing down technical trails.
Some of the most beautiful MTB trails, such as 5 Torri Freeride, il Bike Trail Averau and the Bike Trail Super Panoramastart from the top station of the bike-accessible 5-Torri and Fedare chairlifts. 

During the summer you can also enjoy the "Climb and Ride" activity, a 4 days journey into the Dolomites spectacular wilderness, with an alpine guide that will accompany you during all of your trekkings, hikings, and cyclings.




Mountain Biking in Misurina around Lakes and Mountain Farms.

In Misurina, the Cold de Varda chairlift is bike accessible. From the namesake mountain inn, ride along the dirt road or down the trails winding through the forest to reach Misurina and d’Antorno lakes.

Another option is the Casera Maraia trail, which alternates demanding stretches to paved sections. Enjoy the awe-inspiring views while reaching the bike path leading to Lake Misurina.

Looking for new  exciting challenges? If you are a MTB expert, you may venture along more demanding trails like the one that connects Rifugio Col de Varda to Rifugio Città di Carpi or even attempt  the legendary road up to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.  Continue as far as Rifugio Auronzo and then return to the bottom station of the chairlift. 



Auronzo: High-altitude Mountain Biking


In Auronzo, Mt Agudo lifts are bike-accessible. If you feel like an adrenaline experience, from the mountain inn at 1534 m, challenge your skills riding down the scenic trail with amazing views of Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Auronzo Dolomites.  The highly technical descent runs by the Fun Bob rail and then levels up on a more gentle slope that allows you to  catch your breath and fully enjoy the ride.

Experienced MTB lovers: this is for you! Take the chairlift up to Mt Agudo, descend as far as the start of the Fun Bob rail (top station of the Taiarezza-Malon chairlift) and descend along the trail towards Val Da Rin. When you reach a fork - the only one you meet on the way - you may either turn left to return to Auronzo (easy option) or continue to the right as far as “Pian dei Buoi” and the namesake Rifugio. The latter itinerary is certainly longer and more demanding (medium difficulty) and can be further combined with the trail leading to Rifugio Ciaredo. The return is along the same way.




Climbing&Riding is the perfect formula to experience and discover the mountains from every perspective. This formula combines two exciting activities like cycling and climbing, i.e., riding along the approaching trails as far as the base of the cliffs and then climbing up majestic walls or highly scenic via ferrata routes to summit some of the most famous peaks of the Ampezzo Valley. 




E-bike Riding – Charging Stations and Services

Find below all the charging stations, bike wash services, and repair shops available in the mountain guesthouses around Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Rifugio Scoiattoli – E-bike charging plugs available

Rifugio Averau – Charging stations and bike wash service available

Rifugio Fedare – E-bike charging stations available

Col Druscié Mid-station - Bike wash service available

Chalet Tofane - E-bike charging plugs , bike wash service and repair shop available .

Rifugio Duca d'Aosta - E-bike charging plugs available

Rifugio Baita Resch - E-bike charging plugs available

Locanda del Cantoniere - E-bike charging stations available




Freeride & Downhill

Are you ready for some thrilling rides  to get your adrenaline flowing? The downhill trails winding through the larch and spruce woods around Cortina are great terrain to start practising how to brake safely, the perfect riding posture, and how to handle your MTB in every situation. Expert riders, instead, may test their skills on bumps and jumps.



Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti

Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti will put your skills to test, without missing out on fun. The renewed park features flow trails of different grading with bumps, jumps, and parabolic curves. Starting from this summer, the whole Tofana area is now linked with bike trails from Pié Tofana to Col Druscié.

The rental shop at the Gilardon-Roncato chairlift valley station provides a wide selection of mountain bikes and adequate protection gear for downhill riding. “Ride in Cortina” mtb instructors can provide beginners with useful guidance and advice to correctly approach this discipline as well as  help expert riders to improve their skills.

The descent from Rifugio Duca d'Aosta as far as the road to Passo Falzarego, riding past Rifugio Dibona and Malghe di Fedarola, is just one of the endless opportunities offered by the Tofane area. Mtb lovers may even venture down the legendary slopes where ski champions challenge each other during the World Cup races.