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Tailor-made DSS Skipass



DTL - Directly to the Lift

Go straight to the slopes!

Ski where and when you want and you will be charged the day skied directly to your credit card via your personal, rechargeable My Dolomiti Card.

Activation of the DTL service is only possible online (from mid-November 2023)


Requirements for activating the DTL online at no extra cost:

1. possess the MyDolomiti Card
If you do not yet have your personal MyDolomiti Card, apply for it free of charge at a main ski pass sales point 

2. possess a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express, not prepaid)
For activation you will need your credit card details, security code and also the authentication code (usually generated by your bank's app).

3. Access from your MyDolomiti profile to the Dolomiti Superski Shop
Go to the section "Services for logged Users" and click on "DTL skipass".

DTL skipass activation guide




Superski family

Flexible skiing fun for the whole family

The popular "Superski Family" ski pass combination will also be offered in the 2023-24 winter season. The main focus will be on the family. Superski Family offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of use, the number of desired ski days and the available budget.

Pre-sale period from 10th to 23 November 2023. Purchase only possible at the point of sale.

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Dolomiti Superdays is a bundle of 8 skiing days (days may also be non-consecutive)  that you can enjoy throughout the Dolomiti Superski area for the entire winter season. The skipass is personal and non-transferrable.

Two kinds of Superdays passes are available: Adult/Senior, and Junior/Kids. There are no discounts for seniors or free passes for children under the age of 8. Superdays cannot be combined with other promotions or offers.

8 Superdays:

Adult or Senior: 500,00 €
Junior or Kids: 350,00 €



Dolomiti Superski Season Skipass

Valid in all Dolomiti Superski destinations for the entire winter season.

Type Price
Adults advanced booking until 24/12/2023  925,00 €
Adults from 25/12/2023    990,00 €
Senior (born 1958 and before)  925,00 €
Supersenior (born 1953 and before)  770,00 €
Junior (born 2008-2015)  620,00 €
Kids (born 2016-2020) 295,00 €

For family reductions, click here.


Season skipasses for a single ski resort

Valid in one of the 12 Dolomiti Superski ski resorts for the entire winter season.

Single Ski Resort Season skipass + 4 days Dolomiti Superski skipass

You can add four days of Dolomiti Superski access to your resort season skipass.

- For adults: + 160,00 €

- For junior (born 2008-2015): + 125,00 €



Ski Points Value Card

The points card is transferable and can be used by different persons.

With each use, the points required for the ride are deducted from the card.

Tip: it’s often cheaper to buy a transferrable points value card than to pay separately each time you use the lift. In the case of combined up & return trips with the lifts, we recommend checking the price of the combined trips, which are displayed at the lifts, and compare the amount of the units deducted through the use of value cards.


  • 600 units at a price of 50.00 €

    1,000 units at the price of 80.00 €

    2,100 units at a price of 150.00 €