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Cortina thinkS Green is a Cortina Skiworld project with the co-organization of the Municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo. The main goal is to raise awareness and change behaviors, as well as developing a rich program made of opportunities for training, information and entertainment.

We are looking forward to Milan-Cortina 2026. We want to create a path of sustainability in Cortina through awareness-raising activities that involve a lot of realities: stakeholders, institutions, associations, economic operators, media, locals and tourists. The idea is to create a multi-voiced storytelling on the great theme of sustainability as a part of the protection and development of the mountain territory, which over time has managed to grow an economy which is vital to tourism and local inhabitants.

Cortina Thinks Green



Sustainable practices

Cortina Skiworld has been following good practices in order to preserve and respect its territory, fully aware that we live in a very delicate environment that need to be taken care of. One ot the best practices is the use of 100% Green certified energy.






Both the Lagazuoi hut and the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti have adopted a heating system with solar panels on the mountain hut's roof and on the lifts stations. Lagazuoi company has also replaced diesel boilers with pellet systems, both for heating and domestic hot water.

The company also set up a sewerage pipe from the mountain station. A septic system and a water purifier have also been installed.

The whole area is very caring about awareness-raising activities on the use of eco-label products.



Impianti Averau

Cortina is increasingly aiming at environmental tourism. That's why a lot of initiatives have been adopted in order to promote alternative mobility, such as charging columns for e-bikes near the mountain huts and at lifts' arrival stations, and charging columns for cars at the parking of the 5 Torri lifts.

Starting from summer 2022, the Averau hut has also been equipped with an electric charging column.





Due to an easily landslide area, in the Ista area there's always been a strong desire to invest in reclamation works. Territories that are not taken care of, in fact, tend to easily deteriorate. 

As for water efficiency, during summer and automn the water is stored in two storage basins, and then it's used to produce artificial snow as soon as the weather and climate conditions allows it. In springtime the snow melts and re-enters the natural water cycle. In doing so, the impact on groundwater's withdrawals is significantly reduced. All the water used is pure and without pollutants. Also, there is no addition of any type of additive.

During the summer season, the company takes care of the maintenance of the slopes by mowing the grass, greening the remodeled areas and maintaining the drainage channels.




The Col Druscié hut and Masi Wine Bar Al Druscié are already plastic free. Customers can refill their bottle with spring water.

Over the years, the organization has promoted awareness of environmental management and respects. Renewable energy (wind, solar, micro-water) has also been taken into account. Whenever it's possibile, energy from efficient energy sources with low greenhouse gas emissions is preferred.










San Vito