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My Dolomiti Card: quick, simple, and sustainable!


The My Dolomiti Card is a personal, rechargeable card in credit card format. By loading your tickets onto the card, you will have direct access to the lifts.

An overview of the advantages provided by My Dolomiti Card:
-    Get direct access to the lifts
-    Reusable and, therefore, environmentally friendly
-    Top up online
-    Record routes and performance
-    5% online discount

Immediate discount
When purchasing a daily or multi-day ski passes on the online shop, you’ll receive a 5% discount as long as you buy the pass up to two days before its official start date.
EXAMPLE: if you want to start skiing on Sunday, buy your daily ski pass on Friday by midnight to get a discount.
ATTENTION: do not throw away your personal My Dolomiti Card! If you reissue a new My Dolomiti Card in your name while the original is still valid, the 5% discount will be reduced to a 3% discount.