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Cortina, fine dining at its peak

The exquisite fine dining of the mountain guesthouses and restaurants on the Cortina Skiworld slopes, where the traditional Ampezzo dishes blend in  a skillful remaking of the famous culinary classics.

Lagazuoi Terrace Bar by Embassy

The new gourmet café, run by the Embassy pastry shop of Cortina has recently opened on the deck next to the mountain station of the Lagazuoi cable car, at 2732 m asl, at the entrance of the Lagazuoi Expo Dolomiti. Just its name is  guarantee of high quality artisanal pastries, savory products, and  tasty snacks.

Rifugio Lagazuoi

Nestled on the top of Mount Lagazuoi, at 2752 m of altitude, above Passo Falzarego, is the highest mountain guesthouse in Cortina. Its world renowned scenic terrace offers unobstructed views over the surrounding peaks and the legendary Dolomite sunsets. Located at the top of the ski slopes, it is the perfect venue to visit WW1 emplacements and, of course, for skiing. After an amazing hiking or skiing day, guests can relax in the hot Finnish sauna built in larch wood, the highest in the Dolomites. The cuisine offers traditional Ladin dishes with Venetian and South Tyrolean influences.  


Baita Bai de Dones

Baita Bai de Dones is located next to the valley station of the state-of-the-art 5 Torri chairlift. Next to the ski slopes, it’s the perfect rest stop between  an exciting descent and a ride up. Bai de Dones, the name of the Baita, literally meaning the “bath of the women”, comes from the nearby romantic  little lake. The legend has it that this water body used to be inhabited by the "Anguàne", beautiful goat-footed girls, servants of Silvanus, the god of the woods. Being extremely shy, they did not like being observed while washing their lord’s linen. The  quote  “whenever a woman thought to be evil is doing the laundry, the weather will turn to worse” might have originated from this very legend. If you stop at Bai de Dones for a coffee or an aperitif, you will see an “anguàna” represented above the entrance door.

Rifugio Scoiattoli

Fine food and wine art is taken very seriously in the 5 Torri area. Rifugio Scoiattoli boasts an excellent restaurant and a delicious selection of home-made cakes which are definitely worth a stop in-between skiing runs. On the brightest days, guests may dine on the wonderful, sunny terrace and enjoy the unique natural environment all around.

Rifugio Averau

The mountain guesthouse is run by the Siorpaes family: Sandrone, the manager, together with his children Margot and Matteo. The warm and cosy atmosphere makes guests feel “at home” in this guesthouse, famed for the high quality of its cuisine and, above all, for the unforgettable views over Mt Civetta and Mt Marmolada. The exquisite experience is further enhanced if you choose to dine on the covered scenic terrace by the large round table with a fire-pit.


Rifugio Col Gallina

Col Gallina ski area prides itself for being the first to open for the winter season in Cortina with its ski run and the namesake mountain guesthouse. This scenic and welcoming site is nestled at the foot of Mount Lagazuoi on Passo Falzarego and combines wilderness, entertainment, and genuine hospitality. The large deck of the guesthouse, facing the Col Gallina ski runs, is the perfect choice for a rest stop - might be an energizing breakfast or just a coffee - before beginning your skiing adventures. Here, there is also the ARTVA (Avalanche beacon) test field, run by the M’Over ski school together with the Mountain Rescue Team, to practise emergency rescue  in the event of avalanches. Please contact Cortina Alpine Guides in advance to register.

Chalet Tofane

Gourmet Restaurant, après ski, champagne & oyster bar, wine, and premium cocktails: this is the all-round offer of Ampezzo hospitality, from breakfast to dinner, by Chalet Tofana. Undoubtedly, another strong point in favour of the venue is its location in one of Cortina’s most beautiful ski hot spots, next to the valley station of Socrepes chairlift leading to the Tofane ski area.

Masi Wine Bar

Fine-food and wine landmark for skiers and mountain enthusiasts alike, Masi Wine Bar is great for a rest stop to enjoy  a good glass of Amarone wine while taking in  the views of Druscié A and B ski runs, stages of  World Cup and Winter Olympics races. All their fine food “temptations” are inspired by the wine: Masi’s wide selection  pairs traditional dishes from the Veneto cuisine  where wine becomes an ingredient, such as the Valpolicella cured meats aged in Campofiorin wine or risotto with Amarone Costasera and shaved Monte Veronese cheese. Above Masi is a large  terrace and another historical restaurant: Col Druscié, at 1778 m offering  traditional and Italian high quality cuisine. 

Capanna Ra Valles

Capanna Ra Valles, 2475 m , is the most scenic terrace over Cortina and one of the highest pizza restaurants in the Dolomites. Both in winter and in summer, the restaurant offers a varied menu featuring a wide selection of first and main courses, homemade hamburgers, pasta and meat dishes, fresh fruit smoothies, and the traditional Italian pizza. The offer is complemented by snacks and fast food and a wide selection of beers.

Rifugio Duca d’Aosta

The scenic Duca d’Aosta mountain guesthouse lies at 2098 m above sea level, on the south-eastern slope of the Tofane group. The modern guesthouse, rich in historical and traditional highlights,  is the perfect venue to discover the jewels of the Dolomite peaks, be it after a skiride or for a quiet holiday right on the ski  slopes. Guests will enjoy the unobstructed scenic views over the Ampezzo valley and  the major Dolomite peaks all around, namely: the solid pyramid of Mt Antelao, the wilderness of Mt Sorapiss, stunning Mt Cristallo and, further north, impressive Croda Rossa. 

Rifugio Pomedes

Nestled in the heart of the Tofane group, at the base of Punta Anna, this mountain guest house features a large deck, facing some of the most dramatic  Dolomite peaks. It was built in 1955 by alpine guide and ski instructor Luigi Ghedina “Bibi” together with his wife Lucilla Gilmozzi and is currently run, with the same passion and dedication, by Ruggero and Renata, two of their youngest children. All the bedrooms of Rifugio Pomedes are furnished in the traditional mountain style. In wintertime, it  is the starting point of some of the most important and renowned ski runs in the Tofane area and also the start of the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup.

Baita Piè Tofana

Baita Piè Tofana restaurant welcomes mountain lovers with its warm atmosphere of contemporary spirit, a blend of elegance, authentic cuisine, and prestige wines.  On its large terrace, guests will be startled by  the immense UNESCO World Heritage of Cortina’s Tofane group that unfolds before their eyes. The menu highlights the sustainable choice to use seasonal products and ingredients provided by local suppliers.



Rifugio Son Forca

From Rifugio Son Forca, 2235 m asl, expansive views unfold over Cortina’s Valley and the surrounding Dolomite mountains. The mountain guesthouse lies in an enchanting area, featuring wonderful ski runs during the winter. Its spectacular location, next to the mountain station of the Rio Gere - Son Forca chairlift, and the warm hospitality of the Siorpaes family, who have been running the inn for several years, have made it very popular among skiers and hikers venturing on Mt Cristallo. Guests are welcomed by the large terrace overlooking the silhouettes of the Dolomite peaks which seem to embrace those who observe them. On the terrace, guests may lie in the sun, relax, and taste the delicious local dishes like “casunziei” (ravioli stuffed with red beet root) and pork hock. The dining hall is comfortable and bright, lit as it is through large windows. The photos and the watercolors by Giulio Siorpaes give a personal touch and make the guesthouse even more authentic.


Rifugio Capanna Tondi

Capanna Tondi (2327 m a.s.l.) is nestled on the ridge dividing Tonde de Faloria from Mt Ciasadio’s slopes. Guests can easily  reach the guesthouse via the Vitelli chairlift and enjoy unobstructed views on the mountains surrounding the Ampezzo valley as far as the horizon, like Croda Negra or Croda Rotta nearby. Excellent service and a menu featuring typical mountain cuisine- specialized in venison dishes - make the restaurant one of the most appreciated in ski area.   Their desserts are a must eat, but the highlight is their grappoteca. The guesthouse offers 8 beds and a large scenic terrace where guests can dine while enjoying dramatic views of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Fancy a different night dining at higher altitudes? Take advantage of the snowmobile service.


Rifugio Faloria

The mountain guesthouse, located on the top of “Mónte de Faloria”, is easily accessible by cable car from Cortina center (10-minute ride) and its opening periods are the same as the cable car.

Spectacular panoramic views can be enjoyed from the sunny deck.

Rifugio Scotter

Rifugio Scotter Palatini, at 1580 m asl,  is nestled between the Western Marmarole and the Sorapis and Antelao mountain group, in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This cosy and modern mountain guesthouse has been run by the Palatini family for years now. Its highly scenic location is ideal for moments of  relaxation at higher altitudes in touch with nature, and its cuisine offers excellent typical dishes, all of them homemade, of course. Its comfortable bedrooms - featuring 2, 3, or 4 beds - bathrooms with showers, and several living areas make Rifugio Scotter highly popular among mountain enthusiasts either seeking a peaceful getaway or a holiday full of sporting activities.


Rifugio Auronzo

The mountain guesthouse,  at 2333 m asl, can be reached either on foot or driving along a wide scenic road. The  majestic mountainscape is  dominated by the Tre Cime di Lavaredo:  a rock climbing outdoor gym connecting the earth to the sky. Rifugio Auronzo features 25 comfortable bedrooms - from double rooms to up to 6 beds in the dormitories  - totalling 99 beds available. Guests will appreciate the dramatic views, the courtesy of a guesthouse directly run by the Auronzo Section of the  Italian Alpine Club, and the delicacies of its cuisine. Its ample sized dining hall can accommodate 130 guests and its large windows overlook the pinnacles of the Cadini di Misurina. The guesthouse is the best starting point either to venture up the awe inspiring Tre Cime di Lavaredo and for a scenic, gentle hike around the peaks past Rifugio Lavaredo, Forcella Lavaredo, and Capanna Pastori.


Rifugio Col de Varda

Rifugio Col de Varda lies above Lake Misurina at 2106 m a.s.l.. The guesthouse can be comfortably reached by chairlift, if you do not have much time and just wish to enjoy the  genuine flavours of its typical mountain dishes, or hiking up the dirt road winding through a spectacular wilderness. The scenic views from the guesthouse sweep from the Marmarole to Mt Sorapiss, from Mt Marmolada to the Tofane group, to Mt Cristallo as far as Torre dei Tre Scarperi di Sesto. Behind, there is the Cadini mountain group offering endless opportunities to rock climbers.