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Superski family Here we come!

The Superski Family skipass is available for the 2023/24 winter season!

Skipass valid throughout the Dolomiti Superski area for the entire winter season, which contains a number of ski days per person that family members associated with them through their My Dolomiti Card can use when issued.

The Superski Family guarantees great flexibility for the whole family, because the days can be used as desired and flexibly by the members of the family, according to their own preferences. The family combination consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 paying members and can charge a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 ski days per person, with the ski days being enjoyed by the associated family members as they wish, in accordance with their own needs.

The Superski Family combination solution does not distinguish between the categories of adults, seniors and juniors, while children born 2016-2020 who are part of the Superski Family combination receive the Dolomiti Superski season pass free of charge, provided that one parent buys the ski pass as part of the combination solution.

For example: a family of four with one parent and/or partner, daughter and her grandma buy 40 ski days together (10 per person). The sportier parent goes every weekend and spends 16 ski days. The partner spends 6 days on the slopes, while grandma skis four days. The young daughter loves the snow and goes skiing as often as she can, and comes to 14 skiing days. In total, 40 ski days were consumed.

The family members can consume the skiing days independently of each other, as each member receives his or her own My Dolomiti Ski card, with the available skiing days being deducted from each ski pass on first access.