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Panorama da Cima Tofana
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Summer in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Dolomiti Bike & Hike Galaxy

With Dolomiti SuperSummer passes,  mile-high walking and hiking on the Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage Site – turn into  invaluable opportunities to tune in the deep emotional atmosphere of the mountains and learn their most hidden secrets. Enjoy the impressive trails, the unrivalled views, their geological and botanical highlights, experience the challenge of via ferrata and discover the war history emplacements on the Dolomiti Hike Galaxy area.

Mountain Bike enthusiasts will love exploring the Dolomite Bike Galaxy, the home of epic  rolling through downhill trails or speeding along  turns and bridges in the bike parks. Alternatively,  riders can enjoy the pleasure given by the enduro trails connecting one valley to the next or the charm of dirt roads amid massifs brushing against the sky.

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The Dolomites are accessible to everyone

The Consortium sees easy access to the mountains  as one of  its primary missions. All the lifts are equipped to suit disabled people's needs and allow to reach the mountain tops without unimpeded access.

At the Lagazuoi cable car mountain station, the Lagazuoi EXPO Dolomiti exhibit spaces feature ramps and elevators, so that everyone can be able to visit the exhibitions. In addition, dedicated trails lead from the cable car mountain station to Rifugio Lagazuoi,  the war emplacements, and the summit cross on Mt Piccolo Lagazuoi. The trails have a maximum 10% gradient and are designed for impaired persons who make use of wheelchairs or walking frames.

The Vertical World

@Martina De Biasi

In Cortina, adrenalin lovers will find something to sink their teeth into: via ferrata, cliffs and climbing gyms on the breathtaking rocky walls of the Dolomites. Take the Faloria cable car to climb the challenging, though beautiful, Sci Club 18 via ferrata, while rock climbers can steer their way up the 27 pitches of Crepo Longo  cliffs (all graded between 6 and 6c). On the opposite side of the valley stand the imposing Tofane massifs featuring several via ferrata routes, among the most renowned and spectacular ones in Cortina: Olivieri-Punta Anna and Formenton -the latter connecting Tofana Terza and Tofana di Mezzo. Climbers are taken  above 3,000 m and then can comfortably descend to the valley by the Freccia nel Cielo cable car. Experience the not-to-be-missed Rappelling the Dolomites: rappelling down from Ra Valles with the help of an Alpine Guide. Easier but  likewise panoramic are Ra Pegna and Ra Bujela via ferrata on the two boulders flanking the Schuss, close to the Piè Tofana- Duca d’Aosta chairlift. Rock climbers will find plenty of routes on the Cinque Torri, a veritable open-air climbing gym to satisfy all tastes and levels.

On the Trails of World War 1

©Guido Pompanin

The Lagazuoi Cinque Torri area hosts the largest open-air Museum of the Great War. Take the cable car to the top of Mt Lagazuoi and visit the war emplacements, as the Sniper’s emplacement at the frontline Feldwachweg tunnel, guided by a historic reenactor wearing the vintage uniform of the 3rd Tiroler Kaiserjäger Regiment. Again on Mt Lagazuoi, the Presummit Gallery is an equipped trail through the mine gallery excavated in the heart of the mountain by the Italian soldiers during World War 1. Around the Cinque Torri and Mt Averau there are plenty  of war trenches and fortifications along signposted and easily accessible trails. 


©Sebastiano Lacedelli

The Ampezzo valley can also be explored embarking on two wheel adventures along the endless chair lift accessed trails and tracks, thanks to the Summer Bike pass. Among them: Bike trail 5 Torri Freeride,  Bike trail Averau,  Bike Trail Super Panorama, and Bike trail Mietres Freeride. Trails of all levels and different lengths wind down the slopes of Mt Faloria and Mt Cristallo, accessible by cable car and chairlift respectively. The Socrepes Bike Park features three flow and old school trails of various difficulties. At the chairlift bottom station you will be able to rent your bike and hire a guide.


©Dino Colli

Trails of every level of difficulty lead hikers to explore the Dolomites, respecting the mountains and the environment. Expert hikers may venture along Alta Via no.1, whose highest rest stop is Rifugio Lagazuoi. To enjoy breathtaking views over the Ampezzo valley, visitors can take the Mt Faloria cable car and walk down the mountain ridge along the Dolomieu trail. The Tofane group features the Camosci trail, easy and accessible to all, and the Astaldi equipped trail where hikers will be able to admire the different colours of the rock layers due to geological sediments. A different walk is offered by the Astro Ring on Col Druscié, a 1.5 km ring to discover the secrets of the universe. The Col de Varda chairlift in Misurina rides up to above 2000 m of altitude with fantastic views over the lake. Once on top, hikers may choose among a wide variety of trails from the easiest ones, as the walk to Malga Maraia, to the most challenging and demanding ones, as the Bonacossa and Durissini equipped trails. 

And for the Little Guests

Skipass Cortina summer is family-friendly. In Auronzo, above the Taiarezze-Malon chairlift, there is the longest Fun Bob rail in the world, for children and grown ups alike. The rails darts along spectacular straight lines, bends and hairpins. In Cortina, the Socrepes area offers two enjoyable attractions: the Baby Ranch Dolomiti where little knights can approach the world of ponies under the supervision of instructor Elettra Monico; and the Play Park where little mountaineers will have fun with slides, swings, zip lines and slack lines, and  wooden marbles. Starting from this year, there is the Tubby run, a challenging summer tubing for children and grown ups.