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Dolomites, weather alert and avalanches danger: no skiing until further update



The heavy snowfalls and perturbations that are affecting the Dolomites in the past few days have dramatically increased the risk of avalanches.

We kindly remind you that lifts, slopes, and ski areas are closed until Jfurther communication from Italian Government. We are preparing the slopes for this winter season, but before its start it's absolutely forbidden to ski in these areas. It is also forbidden to walk or ski along the upper and lower part of the unprepared slopes: the risk of avalanches is dangerously high.

In the coming days the Cortina area will still be affected by severe bad weather and abundant snowfall. Because of bad weather, the mountains of Cadore, Ampezzano, Comelico and Agordino are at the moment amongst the riskiest ones, according to Italian government.

Please behave responsibly.